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Sumatra, 6th biggest island in the world, is a real paradise.

What comes first to your mind when you think about « Sumatra » ?

Adventure ? Jungle ? Orangutans ?

Sumatra is not only jungle, orangutans and Toba lake.

Sumatra its also real authentic and unspoilt places like its huge tea and cinnamon plantations in kerinci Valley or its beautiful rice terraces in Minangkabau country.

Sumatra invites you to come and discover all its richness : its full flavored and spicy cuisine, its welcomed and nice people, its rich and unique culture.

Sumatra invites you to hike some of its active volcanoes such Merapi, Sibayak, or Kerinci, taste its local robusta and arabica coffee or spend few days in the jungle with one of the oldest tribe in Indonesia, the Mentawai.

For those who just want to chill on the beach, Sumatra has plenty of relax spots : Toba lake, Weh island and its amazing underwater wildlife, isolated and white sandy beaches near Padang. You can also surf on the Mentawai island, Aceh and Nias, snorkelling and diving in Weh island, fishing with local fishermens or just chill with a coconut and a book.

We are ready to create with you your 100% personalized circuit, suiting your expectations and hopes.

All our circuits are created with the agreement and respect to local population.

Samba Lado is environmentally conscious and we don’t support mass tourism.

3% of the total cost of your trip goes directly to Kolibri NGO, french/Indonesian NGO whose goal is to help disadvantaged children in Sumatra by supporting their education.

Looking for a change of scenery ?

You like adventure, meeting new people, authenticity, getting out of your confort zone ?

Sumatra, not very well-known and not getting highlight in travel guide has yet so much to offer.

An amazing fauna : lot of animals species in Sumatra : orangutan, gibbons, macaque, thomas leaf monkeys, siamangs, elephants, tigers, rhinoceros, hornbill, peacock, bats…

Somes are endemics and not easy to see, such the famous Sumatran tiger which have an estimation of 500 left in the wild.

A rich and unique culture : come and meet the Minangkabau people from West Sumatra, the world’s largest matrilineal society, where women own everything : lands, houses, family name. properties, heritages and legacy are passing down from mother to daughter. Or the big Batak community from north Sumatra, music lovers and whose ancestor would have been…cannibal !

Minang country has an amazing architectural heritage with its big king Palace Pagaruyung or its 200 years old traditional houses.

The Batak and Karo country is full of history and its traditional houses with their boat shaped roof will amaze you.

We also offering circuit  to sleep in inhabitants houses » because we are thinging that human connection is important, being close to the local people to be able to share.

In a sustainable and ethical tourism approach, we support local economy, encourage the meeting between local people and you, focus on the human being and raise awareness about the ethical tourism in Indonesia.

A grandiose flora : In Sumatra you can find the world’s largest flower, the rafflesia, and the world’s tallest flower, the Amorphophallus Titanium, called Titan Arum.

A tasty cuisine : You won’t get enough of the tasty and various Minangkabau food, very spicy. You can find Minang food everywhere in Indonesia.

Come and try this amazing food. You also can try food that you’ve never tried before !

Want to know more ? Let’s come and discover this beautiful island with us.

They trusted Samba Lado

Serious agency that offers great personalized tours. I recommend ! In addition, Anne speaks French, English and Indonesian, which is a plus!

Impeccable organization, all the agreed program went without a hitch. I recommend Anne for the whole trip. A mention for the beauty of Lake Toba and the country Batak, What a lesson of kindness from the inhabitants. The trek is in my eyes the best of the trip, unforgettable!

The kindness of Anne and her organization that allowed us to spend an exceptional stay with the Mentawais.

I recommend Anne, she listens to her travelers, and organizes a schedule very well suited. We spent a few days at the Mentawais on the island of Siberut she warned us well and very well advised.